July 2008

July 2008

Re-Roofing – Options to Solve Roofing Problems

In this newsletter we give you some insight into re-roofing; to give you options to solve your roofing problems. Most roof repairs are really temporary solutions. By their very nature, most built-up or single-ply roof systems ultimately leak. Butleroffers two long-term solutions to whatever roof problems are compromising your structures—the Metal-Over-Metal System and the Slope Build-up Re-Roof System. Both are shown here as practical, long-term and cost-efficient solutions to the kinds of re-roofing challenges you might face.

Install a Butler® Roof System that’s affordable, durable and looks great. In most cases, you can install either of our re-roof systems directly over your existing built-up, single-ply or metal roof. This saves you the cost of tearing off your current roof and avoids an interruption of your business activities during the process.

There are many other reasons why a Butler Roof System should be your final choice. Here are just a few.

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  • Affordability. Many are surprised to discover that a new Butler retrofit roof is comparable in price to other shorter-term fixes. Additional savings are realized when you consider the improved energy efficiency that comes with the addition of new insulation. Remember, you can also save the cost of removal and disposal of existing roof materials by installing a new slope build-up roof system right over an old roof.
  • Longevity. Butler standing seam roofs have been in place since the ’60s. Research confirms that these roofs withstand decades of harsh sun, heavy rains, snow, ice and extreme temperatures without requiring major maintenance, much less replacement.
  • Flexibility. Whether your roof repairs are basic or complex, Butler re-roof systems can fit your needs. We can install over all types of flat roofs to a variety of slopes, even steep-pitched roofs. And we can add pitch by installing a structural slope build-up system directly over a flat roof.
  • Durability. Butler roof systems are engineered to last. Constantly changing temperatures cause a roof to expand and contract thousands of times each year. Butler roof systems are specifically engineered to allow for this natural thermal movement and provide long-term weather tight performance.
  • Aesthetics. A new roof can dramatically change the appearance of a building. Butler can add color, provide a mansard or change a roof pitch to give your entire building a face-lift.
  • System Design. Your roof is only as good as its weakest detail or component. With Butler Roof Systems, every aspect of your roof, from ridge to eaves, trims and flashings, interior or exterior drainage, roof openings and accessories has been designed to work in unison with the metal membrane to form a total system.
  • Reliability. Butler Manufacturing Company is the worldwide leader in metal roof systems and introduced the modern standing seam roof in 1969. Since that time, Butler has installed the MR-24® roof system on two billion square feet of buildings all over the world. In fact, it has been specified more than any other standing seam roof.
  • Industry-Leading Warranties. Because of the quality of our roofs, Butler can offer the best warranties, including the industry-leading Butler Watertight Gold™ Limited Roof System Warranty. This warranty assures up to 25 years of weathertight protection and includes full-system coverage of roof curbs and pipe penetrations on a non-prorated basis during the entire warranty life.

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  • LEED Certification and Sustainable Building Systems online course

    Now Available Online. Provides an overview of how the use of steel building systems can contribute to LEED certification, including a discussion of the characteristics of green building products, LEED requirements and features of steel building systems. Click here for more information on how Butler Steel Buildings help you build green.


Stuart Berger was awarded a contract from Tully Construction to supply and erect the Charleston Bus Annex in Staten Island. This multi-story building is approximately 122,000 square feet. The building dimensions are 163’ L x 370’ W. We will be installing approximately 12,945 square feet of 26ga Thermawall fluted. Building is expected to be erected in September 2008.

Check our Web site for updated photos.

J-Track LLC of Whitestone has contracted Stuart Berger Construction Corp. to supply and erect aButler Building for the Long Island Railroad at their Maintenance of Ways Facility at 182-30 Liberty Ave., St. Albans, NY.

This project consists of two buildings. The Base building is 52’ W x 170’ L and 34’ H and the Frog welding building is 30’ W x 60’ L and 22.6’ H. Both buildings will have a CMR-24® roof system and Butlerib® II wall system. This project is expected to start in October.


St. Anthony’s High School, South Huntington
This project is approximately 1/3 complete. The roof is finished and 1/2 of the vertical panels are installed. Visit our Web site for progress photos.

Panel-Line™ Building System

Panl-Line™ building systems offer a size and type for every small-building need.

Two distinctive appearances are available with the single-slope roof design of Panl-Line™ I buildings and the gable roof design of Panl-Line™ II buildings. Both offer maximum usable space and volume in a small building, with a high degree of functional flexibility. Relocatable endwalls make expansion simple.

Panl-Line buildings can be used for a multitude of purposes including:
• Field Offices • Generator Buildings • Drum Storage Buildings
• Guard Houses • Relocatable Classrooms • Instrument Enclosures
• HVAC Penthouses • Waste Water Treatment Buildings • Sound Controlled Enclosures
• Pump Houses • Industrial Storage Buildings • Pipeline Measurement Stations
• Valve Houses • Motor Control Centers • Fire Protection Equipment Buildings
• Electric Substations • Chemical Equipment Buildings • Microwave Stations

If your building requires features not shown here, please contact us.