November 2009

November 2009

We Made the Top 100 Builders!!

With all the doom and gloom being reported, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate the silver lining. In this case, the silver lining comes from a list of the Top 100 Metal Builders based on tonnage and square footage for 2008 from Metal Construction News.

Stuart Berger made the list in 2 categories the first in tonnage with a total of 1237 tons and in square footage with a total 132,000 SF.

CMR-24 & MR-24

The CMR-24® roof system is a key component of the Butler Difference—a competitive advantage that has enabled Butler to remain the leader in the building systems industry for more than 100 years. You’ll also find the Butler Difference in these details:

Butler Builders® – offering single-source responsibility and complete construction services. Contact us or call the office we will be happy to discuss your project.

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“We spend the time with you and go over every little detail to make sure your project goes the way you planned it.”

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High-performance products – such as acrylic-coated galvanized C/Z purlins and girts, unique MR-24® seam that virtually eliminates roof leaks, and structural and wall systems that integrate easily with conventional building materials.

Butler-Cote™ coating – only Butler offers this superior full-strength Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® fluoropolymer finish system as the standard exterior finish on all painted panels and trim.

Weather-tightness warranties – available 25-year warranties for panel finish protection and weathertightness are a testament to the performance that a Butler® Building System offers.

Attributes of the MR-24® roof system

  • Introduced in 1969
  • Industry’s most specified standing-seam roof system—more than 2 billion square feet installed
  • At least twice the expected lifespan of most conventional roof systems
  • Fully integrated roof penetrations and trims
  • Meets rigorous testing standards of FM, UL and ASTM, which may reduce insurance costs
  • Available 25-year warranties for panel finish protection and weathertightness

Performance plus efficiency CMR-24
The CMR-24® roof system offers all the strength, longevity, and weathertightness of the MR-24® roof system with the additional benefits of a rigid insulation board for superior energy efficiency and an attractive abuse-resistant interior steel liner.

The Pittsburgh Double-lock Seam
Creates a True Monolithic Weathertight Surface. The CMR-24 roof system uses the Pittsburgh double-lock seam with the final 180 degrees completed in the field with a portable seaming machine. Other manufacturers snap or crimp panels with a machine, producing a loose, vulnerable, less weathertight seam.

Energy Efficient
High R-Value Options Are Available. Roof insulation options up to R-30 are available with the CMR-24 roof system. The superior-quality rigid board insulation, with embossed aluminum facing on both sides, is available in a variety of thicknesses and insulation values.

Sustainable “Green” Design
Contributes to Environmental Responsibility. The steel in the CMR-24® roof system is a material-efficient, recyclable, low-maintenance, sustainable and long-life roof solution. Green attributes of the CMR-24 roof system may also earn credits for LEED® certification. It’s also available with a highly solar-reflective “cool roof” color finish.

Wind Uplift Resistance
Adds Protection and Peace of Mind. The CMR-24 roof system carries the highest UL wind uplift rating (Class 90). It has also been tested and approved by FM Global as a Class 1 Panel roof. In addition, the CMR-24 roof system is approved for use in hurricane zones such as Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Weathertight Roof Curbs
Eliminate Potential Problem Areas. Butler’s all-aluminum IF curb system fasteners are positioned on the interior flange of the roof curbs to eliminate another potential area for water to infiltrate.

The CMR-24 roof system has many applications it can be used for new construction as well for re-roofing jobs. Listed below are of the areas it can be used.

  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Gymnasiums
  • Airplane hangars
  • Other larger structures

Progress Report

3 New Contracts Awarded

We just entered into a contract with Barbaro Electric to erect 5 equipment sheds for the MTA in all 5 boroughs. Expected start date 11/09.

Also awarded was the replacement of the Heating and DHW building at Bernard Fineson DDOS facility.

Stuart Berger has accepted a job at Southwest Airlines to build 2 new canopies for their new fuel storage facility.

Update on Current Projects

600 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY
The project is 100% complete we turned over the building October 2009 to be occupied by the tenant AUTOZONE.

LIRR: Maintaince of Ways Buildings, St Albans, Queens NY
This is an inside view of the Crane Building which is 100% complete.

Charleston Annex, Staten Island, NY
The building is 95% complete. Siding is up, we are doing last minute accessories and the punch list.

Rikers Island
Waiting for notice to proceed with the re-roofing of existing building.

Warehouse & Distribution Centers

A Butler® Building – The Ultimate Facility
Nothing is more important for a warehousing/distribution operation than a building that’s secure and weathertight. And when you are ready to build your new facility, you want the most efficient design and construction – without wasting a dollar or a day. Nothing meets that requirement better than a Butler® Building System.

Save Time and Money
With a Butler Building System, the structural frame, roof and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. With fabrication plants located throughout North America, Butler provides timely shipment of your specified building system to the job site. Butler systems, designed to fit together quickly without a lot of expensive field work and on-site modifications, allow for quicker construction times. Phase of your construction project. By fast tracking the project with Butler systems, your Butler Builder can cut construction time dramatically over ordinary construction methods. When you choose a Butler building you are assured that it will be designed with the highest degree of engineering integrity – by a firm that is a leader in the industry.

Roof Systems That Perform
Butler Building Systems have been tested by Butler research specialists and used on tens of thousands of buildings throughout the world. Our MR-24® standing seam roof system has been installed on two billion square feet of buildings around the globe since its introduction. Its exclusive design accommodates roof movement which is caused by changing thermal conditions. This allows for the entire roof to expand and contract freely without sacrificing structural integrity. In addition, the unique seaming process of the MR-24 roof system eliminates the chance for even minimal roof leaks. And when used with the ThermaLiner™ insulation system, insulation values to R-40 can be achieved!

Exteriors: Your Choice
The appearance of your new building is a critical factor. We will work with you to give you exactly the design you desire. Butler structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom in planning the size and shape of your building. And exteriors of wood, brick, stone or glass are just as familiar to us as our efficient and attractive steel wall systems. Our Vistawall® Architectural Products can provide a stunning system of glass curtainwall panels to accent your facility. If you need abuse resistant walls, our Delta Joist structural system is uniquely designed to be used with a variety of hardwall solutions which provide attractive architectural building designs.

Flexible Interior Designs
An open interior for your warehouse or distribution facility can be easily achieved with a Butler building system. If you wish, the interior of your building can have no interior columns or load-bearing walls. Nothing to keep you from using the valuable space exactly like you want to use it. The unobstructed interior is ideal for reconfigurations, so your floor plan can change as often as you need it to.

Contact Your Butler Builder®
Review all the benefits of using a Butler Building System for your new facility with Stuart Berger Construction your local Butler Builder®. We are construction professionals who can help you get the building you want, on time and within your budget.

Butler Offers You More
Butler Builders® provide complete construction services with single-source responsibility

  • Reputable professionals with extensive knowledge of local building codes
  • Maximize your building’s performance with a complete Butler® system solution
  • Innovative structural, wall, and roof systems
  • Precision engineered for seamless integration