August 2010

August 2010

Butler wall and roof system assemblies
are tested for

This means Butler building systems deliver the energy-efficiency that they say they will. Assembled and installed. On your building.

Meet the Butler® Guarded Hot Box. This device can test actual 8’x10′ roof or wall sections, assembled just as they would be on your building. This provides accurate, “real world” insulating information rather than the theoretical data provided by most building products manufacturers.

How does it work?
The chamber has a warm and a cool side. A temperature difference typical of an actual building is created from one side of the roof or wall assembly to the other, and nearly 300 sensors measure the temperature, humidity, airflow and the energy consumed during an 8- to 12-hour test. The results are expressed in “U-factors” rather than values, and measure the amount of energy, over time, passing through the assembly. Therefore, the lower the tested U-factor, the better the result.

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Why is this important?
This information generated by the Guarded Hot Box test not only shows compliance to energy codes—it also will allow your Butler Builder® to provide extremely accurate estimates of your building’s heating and cooling energy consumption and thus specify the correct size HVAC units to give you maximum energy-efficiency.

Is the Guarded Hot Box reliable?
Yes. Butler developed the Hot Box in collaboration with these trusted contributing partners: Bay Insulation, the largest supplier of insulation to the metal building industry; Dow, the manufacturer of rigid-board insulation; Certainteed and Owens-Corning, prominent fiberglass blanket insulation manufacturers; and Lamtec Corporation, a leading vapor barrier supplier to the metal building construction industry. The tests are performed at the Butler Research Center to the rigorous ASTM C-1363 test standard. All test personnel, equipment, sensors, test processes and quality system conform to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard for competency of testing laboratories and have been accredited by the International Accreditation Services (IAS), a certified and independent third party that is recognized worldwide and is one of the leading accreditation bodies.

Buy American Projects

Buy American Act & the American Recovery and Reinvestment ActIn this market, it is important that you are able to pursue all available project opportunities. We have seen a significant “up tick” in the number of publicly funded jobs in the marketplace, many of which include Buy American provisions. As a result, we have undertaken a review of the requirements of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Buy American Act and other statutes requiring the provision of materials manufactured in the United States. The goal of the review was to ensure that we are doing everything possible to comply with all such provisions and enable you to pursue all Buy American jobs with confidence.

I am happy to report that we have determined that we can supply almost all projects with Buy American requirements. We are taking a few steps in order to make the compliance process easier, but the most important aspect to complying starts with you. On any government jobs or jobs being funded with government money, please read the contracts and specifications carefully and pass on to us any Buy American requirements. On Buy American projects, we have to do things differently than for a normal order. Therefore, we need to be alerted in order to ensure proper handling of your Buy American order. The ramifications for not complying with Buy American provisions are substantial. As such, new orders will include an updated version of the terms and conditions that reflect the importance of you disclosing this information to us. Additionally, comments and concerns from our Builders were considered when redrafting the Terms and Conditions.

We are committed to supporting you in your effort to win jobs. We hope this will enable you to pursue Buy American jobs with confidence.

Progress Report

New Contract Awarded

Jetro, Bronx, NY
Plans have been files for the permits.

Bernard Fineson, Queens, NY
Concrete work has been completed, building is being erected and expected to be finished in 2 weeks.

SUNY Farmingdale, Suffork, NY
The job is on hold at this time due to the state of affairs in Albany. It is expected to start in August.

Metro/Restaurant Depot, Suffolk, NY
The foundation work is completed. The building is being delivered this week.

Botanical Gardens
Building will be delivered in August.

Island Trees, Nassau, NY
Building will arrive at the end of July.

Update on Current Projects

LIRR: Maintaince of Ways Buildings, St Albans, Queens NY

Charleston Annex, Staten Island, NY

600 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Southwest Airlines

Brooklyn Canopy for Truck Rack

FedEx to Place the Largest Rooftop Solar Installation in the US on a Butler Building System and the MR-24 Roof System

FedEx Ground is installing the largest U.S. rooftop solar-electric system at its distribution hub in Woodbridge, New Jersey. It’s the fifth solar project for a FedEx operating unit, but the first that will involve FedEx Ground and BlueScope Construction (BSC). BP Solar will be the solar system provider and installer. BlueScope Construction provided structural design, building shell materials and erection on the original Woodbridge facility and its subsequent expansions. BSC was asked to join the rooftop solar project by FedEx Ground to help ensure that all roof warranties remained intact with the addition of the solar panels.

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